What Do International Movers Do?

When preparing to relocate abroad, there are a lot of details to consider. You must act quickly, not just to pack up your home and all of its belongings into boxes but also to get everything out of your house and onto a freighter that will travel by sea or air to your new location. At the port of entry, you could have to deal with red tape related to customs clearance and other issues in the destination country, which can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming.

By hiring an international moving company such as the experienced and dedicated professionals at Sea & Air, you can effectively manage and traverse all of these obstacles successfully. With assistance for planning the move, packing everything up, ensuring it is delivered to your home on time, and navigating any necessary international logistics, an international moving company can be invaluable for a big move such as this. 

What To Expect When Working With An International Mover

To relieve you of the stress associated with moving, international moving companies handle the majority of the labor-intensive tasks involved in organizing and successfully completing your physical relocation, whether it is by sea or air. Before any other task, international moving companies typically conduct a pre-move survey so that both the company and you understand the process from start to finish. This also helps provide you with an accurate quote and a move plan that fits your budget and your time frame for the move. 

Once a plan has been made, the process can begin. Here is a summary of the typical services that international movers will provide:

  • Pre-move survey for pricing accuracy and development of an efficient moving plan. 
  • Expert advice and assistance with necessary preparations for the move and insight as to what may not be advisable to take along with you to your new destination. 
  • Assistance with thoroughly and successfully completing all necessary documentation and forms required by customs.
  • Quality materials for packing, such as boxes, crates, and wrapping for your valuables and fragile items.
  • Help with securely wrapping and packing all of your belongings and furniture.
  • Assistance with safely loading and transporting your effects.
  • Up-to-date notice on the progress of shipping your belongings and when you expect them to arrive at your new destination. 
  • Help with clearing your belongings with customs.
  • Successful delivery and unpacking of your items at your new home.

It is strongly recommended when making an international move that you search for a moving company that employs professional packing supplies, offers door-to-door service, and places a high priority on transporting your personal possessions, whether they are larger items, household goods, or personal effects. Relocating abroad can prove challenging, so if you want to relocate abroad and save time and money, you’ll need to enlist the help of a knowledgeable and expert moving company. 

Services Provided By International Movers

Although numerous international moving companies provide somewhat different services, most usually provide: 

  • International Standard Packing
  • Packing materials
  • Moving vehicles
  • Packing and loading your belongings
  • Secure storage (both short or long term if necessary)
  • Unloading and unpacking at your location
  • And handyman services for dismantling or reassembling items

When moving into or out of a rental property, some moving companies may even assist you with the inventory check, technology setup, pet relocation, and new residence search.

Packing For Your Move

While there are many tasks to undertake when making an international move, packing is one of the most time-consuming and important. Packing up all your belongings can take up much time and space in your move. Additionally, you must be sure to efficiently pack your items to help protect them over the long journey and ensure they arrive in good condition and on time at your new home. Poor packing can make items more likely to be damaged during transportation, particularly when moving internationally when there are sometimes turbulent and long-distance travel circumstances. 

International movers are experienced and knowledgeable as to how best to pack items to ensure their safety, as well as help you save time and money by packing efficiently. From your most fragile belongings to your home’s bulkiest furniture and sets, an international moving company will help get everything from point A to point B by the quickest and safest route possible for both you and your valuable belongings. 

International Mover Transportation Options

Road, sea, or air transportation options are all possible routes that might be explored or taken for your international move, depending on where you are relocating from and to. If road routes are accessible and feasible, such as from the UK to mainland Europe, this may be an acceptable option for your move. However, many international moves often require shipments via sea or air. 

For large loads or if you plan on bringing along most of your belongings, a sea container for your exclusive use might be preferable. However, if you are shipping fewer belongings or planning on a tighter budget, a shared sea container is also an acceptable option. In fact, a lot of companies provide groupage shared load, or LCL, services. And for those items that you need to arrive more quickly than the rest, airfreight is the best choice. 

Exclusive Use Shipping Containers

A 20, 40, or 45-foot steel container designated specifically for your use will be filled with your possessions, depending on the volume required. The container will be sealed and shipped to the port for delivery to your new home and destination. One of the best shipping options for sending big volumes of products abroad is this direct service, which offers the fastest travel time.

After passing through customs, the container will be brought to your new residence and unloaded. The documentation required for customs clearance will be completed and coordinated with the assistance of your international moving company.

Shared Shipping Containers

Shared container services are available if you need to transport a smaller amount of belongings. This situation is where you and other clients traveling to the same location share a shipping container. With regard to delivery, documentation management, and customs clearance, your moving company will continue to provide all the same services.

Smaller moves can save money using this shipping option because you only pay for the space you use. However, because consolidation must be done before departure, transit times are slightly longer than for an exclusive and individual container load.

Contact Sea & Air For Your Next International Move

To guarantee a stress-free move, we offer complete international moving services. We take care of the whole procedure, starting with giving you an estimate of the size of the move, expertly packing your possessions, transporting them by air or sea to their new destination, and carefully unpacking everything at your new home. Let us help you make your next move one that is effortless. Contact us today for a full list of our services or to receive a quote. 

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