How Long Does it Take To Move Internationally?

Are you planning an international move soon and are unsure of what to expect? Well, here’s the rundown on everything you need to know to prepare. Including how long it takes to move, how to make it faster and what should be on your moving checklist! Your one stop to know all you need to know to prepare for your first international move! 

Timespan Of An International Move 

In general, it takes about one to three months to plan and complete your international move. However the average is at least 6 weeks to properly prepare. During this timeframe you will need to pick your destination country, prepare a moving and packing list. Then move onto actually packing your things, and the shipping and delivery to your new home! 

So if you’re planning to move internationally anytime soon. A general rule would be to take 6 weeks of prep time to make sure you have everything squared away. If you need longer than 6 weeks then take it! It’d be unfortunate for you to arrive at your international destination and realize you forgot something. 

International Moving Checklist 

Here is a quick snippet of all the things you need to make sure are in order for your big international move! From destination down to the packing list and lastly, shipping! 


Generally, if you’re looking at timespan for an international move, you probably already know where you want to go. Having the destination picked out and knowing how far away it is from your current location should be first on your list. You should also read up on the customs and immigration regulations for your new country. All of this will affect the time it takes to move internationally.

Packing List

When you begin making your packing list make sure you are only bringing the essentials. How much you bring along can affect how long it will take to move. If you are loading up a large move, which is considered to be 4 bedrooms or more, then your move will be extended. A smaller move is considered to be less than 2 rooms and will require less time as well. 

Make sure to spend extra time packing your items safely as the move will be long and bumpy! If you are transporting big pieces of furniture, such as a couch or a piano, the moving time could be extended. You should also take into consideration how you are sending your personal belongings. Take into account the number of orders that shipping service has already and add it to the time it will take you to move.


The type of shipping you decide to use will have an affect on your moving time. You can choose to move by road, if that is a possibility for your relocation. The average time to move by road is 3 to 5 days using a truck. The time it will take to relocate your personal belongings depends entirely on the distance between your current and future locations. 

Your second choice is by ship. This is a cheaper route and is the most recommended. However it can take anywhere between 25-30 days for your items to be delivered to your new location. Lastly, you have the option of shipping by air. This third option is by far the most expensive! It is an option that is not used very often and only takes about 8-10 days to deliver your items. Of course, this depends on flight availability and distance between your current and future location.

How To Make It Faster 

Some tips on how to take the average 1-3 months timespan and cut it down to 6 weeks. First you can make sure your new destination is set up for you by the time you arrive. Another way to shorten your moving time is to pack light! If you know you won’t be using or needing some of your home items, try to sell or donate them before your big move!

Lastly, get in contact with your moving company of choice at least 3 weeks prior to your move! That way you can get your moving list over to them quickly and they can start organizing your move right away! The more you stay on top of the necessities, the quicker and easier your move will be! 

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