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Are you looking for an international moving company in NYC? It is an exciting time when you are moving to a new location, and maybe a little scary at the same time, especially when that move is overseas. An international move can be a process that is complex and stressful. Our goal is to help you make your move as worry-free as possible from the very beginning until we help you unpack in your new destination country.

international moving company NYC

Our team at Sea & Air International Sea in New York can help make the transition and moving process a little bit easier for you. We supply international moving services to help you get all of your belongings shipped and to their destination safely. If you are needing international moving pods, or international shipping container service, we can help. When making a big move like this, there is required paperwork that has to be done, we can assist you with that as well. Don’t worry about your household goods and belongings, let us take care of those, and you focus on your new home.

Services We Can Provide To You

There are many aspects that go into planning when you move from New York to overseas. There are paperwork, scheduling, and service costs that can be hard to keep up with. Our professional international movers in New York can help you tackle that and make sure everything is in order. Here is a list of some of the services that our international movers can help you with.

  • Commercial Storage Solutions
  • Household Storage Solutions
  • Packing and Crating Services
  • Shipping Vehicle and Boats
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Complete Customs Assistance
  • Shipping, Storage, and Inland Transportation
  • Complete Documentation
  • Complete Customs Assistance
  • Lift Van Services To and From The USA

Our Professionals Can Help You 

There are many reasons that you could be moving overseas, by choice or for work-related reasons. Whatever the reasons are, you may need some help getting everything in order. It is stressful enough trying to move, then add moving far away from friends and family on top of that can be a lot to handle. Let our team help you along the way. 

Our team can give you a free quote for the cost of moving your belongings and give you the additional information that you need. Moving internationally is something we work with every day and can help clear any confusion that you have with it. Not all NYC international moving companies are created equal. As a complete international moving company, we will work with you from the very start of your journey to the very end. 

Call Sea & Air International Today

If you are planning a big move and need the assistance of international moving pods, call Sea & Air International today. Our team is trained, qualified, and professional to help you get it all taken care of. You can call our office today and speak to one of our employees to get the details and pricing information that you need. Our NYC company can provide you with an international moving quote for your big move!

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