Worldwide Moving – Guatemala

Firearms, pornography material of any kind, liquor (*certain restrictions apply, see below)

Household goods, personal effects and vehicles are subject to pay taxes/duties. According with the customs regulations in Guatemala, it is not necessary to have a work permit, only a tourist visa is enough. There are no differences for Guatemalan citizens or foreign citizens
Diplomats of accredited foreign Embassies and Officials of International Organizations are exempted from customs taxes/duties. Their shipments are subject to customs inspection to proceed with customs. They have to submit a diplomatic franchise and it should be processed by the Embassy or International Mission in Guatemala before shipment can be released

Air, Sea and Land Freights
Air and sea consolidated; shipments are cleared directly in a bonded warehouse under informal entry, providing the original documents for clearing the shipments. All shipments are subject to a physical inspections from customs authorities. This could take between 5 to 10 workings days, depending if it arrives via air, sea or land and the size of the shipment. It is necessary to unload the container and trailer trucks in a bonded warehouse previous to customs clearance.

Sea shipments – FCL –
Shipments must be cleared at the port of entry. The customs authorities will make the physical inspection at the port of entry and they will determine the amount of the import taxes to be paid. The port authorities will collect additional charges for unloading the container at the port and our crew will be present to supervise the inspection and to seal the boxes opened by the officials. Customs clearance takes three to five working days.

Note: All shipments cannot be delivered until duties have been paid.
Customer has to be in Guatemala to clear the shipment through customs, any demurrage, additional charges and payment of the taxes/duties is for customer?s account.

Automobiles (POV)
POV with foreign plates may circulate in the country with a temporal permit of (30 days), but the owner cannot leave the country unless his car has been re-exported or all import duties have been paid.
All POV must be cleared at the POE. (Not in Guatemala City bonded warehouse). Customs authorities will perform an inspection of the POV and documents prior to place the value of the duties/taxes to be paid. Customs clearance takes two weeks. The following documents are required and should be provided to us prior the arrival of the shipment:
Documents must be originals otherwise customs will not consider them.
We need copy of the related documents via fax prior shipment arrival.

Air and Sea shipments

  • Air waybill or two originals of bill of lading
  • Original packing list in English or Spanish
  • Original of Owner passport with entry stamp
  • Delivery and billing instruction including insurance information Nit number.
    We can process this document, we just need the original cedula (identification card) if the shipper is Guatemalan, if foreigner, we need the original passport.

Surface Shipments

  • Original of Cargo Manifest
  • Original Packing list
  • Original of Owner passport
  • Original of International Transit Guide
  • Delivery and billing instructions including insurance information.
    Nit number. We can process this document, we just need the original cedula (identification card) if the shipper is Guatemalan, if foreigner, we need the original passport.

Automobiles (POV)

  • Original bill of lading
  • Original of Car title as proof of ownership
  • Original of commercial invoice
  • Original of Owner passport
  • Delivery and billing instructions including insurance information.
  • Nit number. We can process this document, we just need the original cedula
  • (identification card) if the shipper is Guatemalan, if foreigner, we need the original passport.

Please send us the following POV information in your pre-advise:

  • No. of Chassis
  • No. of Motor
  • No. of doors
  • Make
  • Year
  • Style
  • No. Cylinder
  • Vin number
  • Fuel
  • Colour
  • Cubic centimetre (c.c.)

Note: If we do not receive the above information before arrival of the POV or if this information is incorrect, customer will have to pay US$.100.00 for inspection. The Nit is a personal identification number which shipper must obtain from the Finance Ministry in Guatemala City. The customer will obtain this application form and presenting his original passport. It is not possible to clear the shipment without the NIT.
In general it is not necessary to have the documents legalized at the Guatemalan Consulate at origin.

Important Information
Ship container Door to Door

Show as consignee on B/L or AWB
Name of customer
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Tel. (502) 4745174

Please refer shipment to our rate reference number on the consignment letter.
The Bill of Lading or AWB must show freight charges.
All incoming shipments to Guatemala City will be inspected at port of entry, if customs requires.
POV have a different customs procedure than household goods and personal effects
New items will be considered as a commercial entry and therefore subject to normal customs duty, paying full taxes/duties. A commercial invoice is necessary and must cover duties/taxes which range from 5% to 40% of CIF value plus 12% of valued added tax
Used items will be assessed by customs taking into consideration prices listed in the packing list and subject to physical inspection.

Pets require a health/vaccination certificate from origin dated within 30 days prior to arrival.

Making a false or misleading statement to the Authorities is an offence and may involve heavy penalties. Drug trafficking is against the law and severe penalties apply.

Important: This information is intended for general guidance. Sea & Air International cannot however take responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such it is advisable to contact the nearest Australian customs office for full and current information prior to importation.

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