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Documents required:

  • Industry leadership
  • Outstanding agents, drivers and fleet
  • Proprietary technology and systems
  • Rigorous commitment to quality and performance measurement

    Become an Agent Form
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    Your Qualifications and Interests:
    1. Fill in an estimate of your curent sales for each product line.

    2. Are you interested in hauling for Sea & Air International? Please list the number of tractor-trailers and straight trucks your company has in service.

    3. Are you affiliated with a carrier presently? If so, please enter carrier name.

    4. Please list the annual interstate linehaul dollars or shipments that you haul for your current carrier.

    5. List carrier(s) currently represented by you for military traffic.

    6. List bases you wish to represent Allied as a military carrier.

    7. If you are under contract, please list when your contractual obligation with your carrier is scheduled for renewal.

    8. What is the reason for changing carriers and/or interest in Sea & Air International.

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