International Moving from NYC to Vietnam

An international move can be both fun and exciting. A move such as this is no simple task, and there are many things to be done and options to be considered. Our team of talented staff here at Sea & Air International can help take some of the burden and stress, allowing you to enjoy more of this new beginning and adventure. 

We Offer International Moving Services

International Moving From NYC To Vietnam

We are professional long-distance movers who are local to New York and the tri-state region and can offer helpful moving advice and services. We offer destination and other services to make your transition to a new country as simple and seamless as possible. Our services and resources include:

  • Pre-move planning
  • Moving supplies
  • Packing of household goods and personal belongings
  • Fine arts packing
  • International shipping
  • Storage facilities at a secure location 
  • Customs documentation
  • And customs clearance management

This includes services that begin from the start of your move and end once the final box has been unpacked at your new location. From start to finish, we will provide you with the best service options and highly competitive rates. Our expert international movers at Sea & Air International will make your move nearly effortless. 

We Help People Move From NYC To Vietnam

Located in Southeastern Asia, Vietnam borders the Gulf of Thailand, Tonkin, the South China Sea, China, Laos, and Cambodia. Although Vietnamese is the region’s official language, English is favored as a second language. French, Chinese, Khmer, and mountain area languages (Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian) are also spoken here.

The climate in Vietnam is tropical in the south and monsoonal in the north, with a hot and rainy season lasting from May to September. October to March marks the country’s warm, dry season. The terrain of Vietnam is mountainous in the far north and has low, flat deltas in the south. 

Important Documentation

Below is a list of necessary documents when moving to Vietnam. Original copies are preferred.

  • Emergency list of contacts and phone numbers 
  • Valid and readable passport for the following six months
  • Your birth certificate
  • Valid driver’s license – your license must be converted into Vietnamese before you can legally operate a motor vehicle there. 
  • A certificate of marriage or divorce (if applicable)
  • Valid Vietnam Visa
  • Medical certificates or reports 
  • Degree certificate and transcript

These documents need to be verified by your embassy or translated into Vietnamese.

What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

It’s crucial to decide what belongs with you in your new house and what can be left behind. Large or heavy items may cost you unnecessary baggage fees and take up valuable space. Finding specialty items in Vietnam, such as foreign language literature, prescription medications, specialty foods, and so on, can be challenging. So, it would be wise to pack them and bring them along. However, items like standard furniture, home appliances, everyday clothing and accessories, everyday hygiene supplies, etc., should be left behind. This is because similar goods are widely accessible and might be purchased for a considerably lower cost.

Illegal drugs and weapons are not tolerated in Vietnam and should be left behind before entering the country. The possession or sale of pornographic materials also is against the law in Vietnam. Anti-government propaganda, such as reading materials deemed unflattering by the current administration, is unwelcome and may be seized. 

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