7 Tips for Moving Internationally

Are you preparing for an international move? The team at Sea & Air understands the stress of moving, especially moving to a new country. Here are a few tips for moving internationally that can help make for a smoother transition. 

1. Establish a Timeframe and Budget

Unless you’re working within a short timeframe, it’s helpful to establish a specific timeframe and budget when you’re planning your move. This can give you peace of mind when you feel overwhelmed with the details of moving. Sorting your items, locating housing, and dealing with utility companies can seem stressful as well. If you can, give yourself plenty of time to sort through some details every day.

2. Prepare For New Expenses

Moving internationally means becoming familiar with a new culture and extra expenses. As you’re planning your timeframe and budget, include new expenses you may have in your new country. Research banking, investing, taxes, and more so you’re not caught off guard when these needs arise. You can include fuel costs, mortgage, or any utilities you think you’ll use. It’s also important to let the government know when you’re moving internationally, so you don’t end up paying additional income taxes. 

3. Get Familiar With Regulations and Customs

Moving your items through customs can seem like a scary process for some people. However, if you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations ahead of time, you can save yourself time and hassle. While it may seem like a good idea to take shortcuts, this method can cost you additional fees, time, and, unfortunately, your items. Take time to complete an inventory of your items and ensure they comply with customs regulations. 

4. Decide Which Items to Keep and Store

As you get familiar with the rules of customs, it’s also a good time to decide which items you will keep and which ones to store. You will also save on shipping costs when you bring fewer items with you. Chances are, you will bring some items with you and ship other items. No matter what you’re shipping or carrying, it’s essential to sift through all your belongings. You can sell unwanted items for additional cash and choose a quality facility to house the ones you don’t want to bring to your new location. 

5. Select Your Shipping Method

Speaking of items, the next important tip for moving internationally is to select your preferred shipping method. Whether you want to ship your items by sea or air, consider the pros and cons of each one. While sea freight is much cheaper than air freight, you’ll need to wait longer to get your items. Consider your timeframe and budget to help you choose the right method for your needs. You’ll also need to compare quotes from various shipping companies to help you with your decision. A moving service company can offer advice and help you find the right method. 

6. Research Local Laws and Insurance Policies

Most countries require you to have an updated visa and passport, so it’s essential to take care of that right away. Fill out and secure any documents you may need before boarding your flight. Some countries require certain documentation to ensure you can live there. 

Prepare you and your family for the country’s customs, accommodations, and policies, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you arrive. Health and travel insurance can also help protect you and your belongings. This also includes international health insurance for you and your family.    

7. Choose A Moving Service Company to Help

Although some people move internationally through their employer, this is not the case for everyone. If you don’t have an employment company to handle the details for you, you will need to research a moving service company to help you with your move. This can relieve the stress of shipping your belongings and ensuring they arrive safely. 

A moving service company can help you plan your move as well. They help you pack your items and locate a storage facility if you need one. These companies can even help you navigate the logistics of customs and ensure you have the proper documentation to travel legally. 

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