Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

If you are looking for an evening that will include food and entertainment for the entire family, then Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament should be at the top of your list for experiences. The moment you walk through the castle gates, you will be taken back to the history of the medieval era, when battling to protect the throne was the way to prove your strength and victory. 

Where is Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Located?

Medieval Times Dinner Theatre is located at 149 Polito Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. Free parking is available at the attraction if you are planning to purchase tickets the same day, arriving no later than one hour before the show is essential. 

What To Do At Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament?

You will begin your evening by walking across the drawbridge and entering the medieval castle. If you arrive early, you will have time to check in, explore the hall of arms, and experience the pre-show knighting ceremony. The Dinner Show begins with an introduction to the royal knights and courts while serving a delicious four-course meal that includes a meal only royalty deserves. 

During the battle, each knight is represented by a color, and the audience is split up into teams rooting for their knight to win the tournament. Not only will you see the brave knights battle for victory, but you will witness the Master of Horses, Majestic Creatures, The Royal Falconer, and the Squires bring the battle to life for a drama-filled experience.   

Other Things To Do Nearby

Do you need something else to do before you visit Medieval Times, or are you planning to stay in the area for a few days and want more attractions to see? Well, nearby, you will have options to plan a day at the LEGO Land Discovery Center, Tilt Museum, and the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park. 

How To Get To Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament from Sea & Air International

If you plan to use Sea & Air International for your up-and-coming move, you’ll want to visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament after a visit to their office. It is less than a 20-minute drive away, and you will have an entertaining night. You can follow the directions below to get to Medieval Times. Click here to visit another attraction.

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