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When you have to make an international relocation for work, there is a lot that is involved. Our team can help you make this move as easy as possible. We are the international moving company that many New York families rely on. From your location in the states all the way to your new location overseas, we will be there. As an international moving company based in New York, Sea & Air International can help make sure your moving needs are as successful as possible.

Employee Move Services

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If your work has you moving overseas, there is a lot to think about, and you could benefit from international moving companies. If it is a temporary international relocation move, you have to consider what is going on with you and what is staying behind. Sea & Air International has moved a lot of people overseas over the years. We know how to make this process easier for you. We offer a wide range of moving services to help you through your international moving needs, such as:

  • Storage Services- Temporary employee moves may require you to put some things in storage. We offer controlled storage for your belongings. There is no need to worry about them being damaged, and we will keep them safe for you while you’re gone. 
  • Export Documentation- When international moving requires overseas transportation, there is going to be a lot of paperwork and forms to fill out. Our international movers can help you to make sure everything is done and ready for departure day. Custom clearance trouble is something you want to avoid for yourself and your belongings. Stress-free moves are definitely better than stressful ones.
  • Packing and Unpacking Services- Our international movers will come in and help you pack your items and unpack them at your new destination country. When making a move for work, it is important that you can be set up and ready to begin work as soon as possible. Our team will make sure your needs are met.

Our Company Comes Highly Recommended

Over the years, Sea & Air International has helped many people make an international move for work. It is fun and exciting while still being scary and stressful. Our international movers want to make your moving process go as easily as it can. That is why we will do everything that we can to assist you with your required relocation moving services. 

Know Your Needs

Knowing what you need ahead of time helps ensure that you have what you need on time. Know if you will need a larger storage space or a smaller one. This is vital to the health of your stored belongings so that they aren’t stacked in a potentially hazardous or damaging manner due to poor space renting and planning. 

It is also important to know what you will need (and how much you will need) for the packing of the items you will be shipping or having flown to your new home. Nothing slows down a move more than having to put everything on hold so that you can locate more of something needed for packing or padding simply because it wasn’t properly planned ahead of time. 

Check The Checklist

Checklists are extremely beneficial when you are preparing for an international move. The checklist helps you keep everything in front of you so that nothing is forgotten or lost along the way. This can be extremely helpful when making an international move, especially because there are so many more things to consider when it comes to a new country and culture, both personally and professionally. 

The checklist also ensures that things that need to be turned off, such as gas and water, electricity or internet and cable, get shut off in a timely manner. These little things may seem small at the beginning of the moving process, but once you are halfway around the world and remember that you forgot to cancel the cable – well, it won’t feel very small anymore. 

So, take your time, be thorough, and make certain you get all of the little things included with the big ones. Organization is key to any move, especially an international one, and one that is for your job is even more important. You want to get the move completed so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Time is money, after all. 

Determine What Is Making The Trip And What Is Staying Behind

Some overseas jobs are only temporary, which can mean that you don’t have to take everything along with you. Our international movers can help with that. Our storage facilities are temperature controlled, which means the optimal condition for your precious belongings is what we provide. However, if you are making a more long-term or permanent go of your move, you may want to give some thought to what you can finally part with. Not only will this cut the cost of the move, but it could also put a little cash back into your pocket. And that’s never a bad thing!

Be Ready To Go

International moving companies are beneficial to make sure you are ready for your big move. One of the best ways to ensure a smooth transition when moving (especially when it is overseas) is to be ready. Be ready for the packers when they arrive so that they can do their job and get you quickly to where you need to be so you can start once more at doing yours. When moving for work, you want to make sure you arrive on time and make a great first impression.

Being prepared for the packers means having everything ready. Let’s not have a load of laundry going or the dishwasher running. This is counterproductive and just adds to the long list of things you have to keep in the forefront of your mind so that you don’t forget anything. 

We Give Back, And So Can You

At Sea and Air, we also like to give back. So, if you do have some items that you don’t think you will need where you are going, we would be grateful to take them off of your hands and place them in the hands of someone who could benefit from a little giving. We hold an annual coat drive and have collected and distributed over 17,500 coats in the New York City area. 

Our international movers also recently partnered with Move For Hunger, a national non-profit organization whose goal is to reduce food waste and fight hunger. So, if there are any unwanted nonperishables you wish to donate to those in need, we would gladly help you with that, as well. 

Have Your Paperwork Ready And In Order

Your passport, custom forms, driver’s license, medical records, and anything else you may need for identification are important to have ready and copied for your move. These items should be kept somewhere safe and away from any moving boxes or areas of the house that are being focused on for readying for the move. You don’t want to accidentally pack your documents into a box labeled kitchen and only realize it once you are in need of them. 

Not only are there documents you have that will be necessary for the move, but there is going to be a lot of paperwork that comes with the move, as well. At Sea and Air, our team can help you to ensure that all of this is completed and in order for your departure and arrival at your new home. 

A great tip for keeping these important documents safe and readily available is to have them stored on a USB drive or in the Cloud. This ensures that they are available as soon as you need them and cuts down on time it might take you to rummage through a folder while attempting to locate any specific one. Less stress and work you have to do throughout this process is definitely a plus. 

Healthcare Concerns And Questions

It is important to remember that what your current country allows right now in terms of medication or treatment may not be the same in another country. You need to know ahead of time about any immunization requirements, medication availability, and any medical insurance that you may need for yourself or your family. 

It is also a good idea to have all of your family’s checkups done before the move so that everything is current. This will make for an easier transition since you won’t be rushing to locate a dentist or doctor in your first week or month after the move. 

Antiques And Fine Art

Many companies and employees enjoy expensive tastes when it comes to office decor. Our team is dedicated and experienced in packing the most fragile and priceless items. From professional artwork or decor to the simplest of items, such as your Employee of the Month coffee mug, we take care of what matters most to you. 

Our international movers have a wide range of handling services and even offer custom-built crates that can protect your priceless pieces in transit. Our staff will work with you in order to meet the standards and specifications of your pack in order to give you peace of mind and allow your belongings to arrive undamaged.

Let Sea & Air International Help You

International moving can be a stressful time in your life. When you are making a big move overseas for work, there is a lot to get done. Sea & Air International can help you with everything from small to big. If you’re looking for international moving services based out of New York, we are among the best international moving companies out there! We work with those in Jersey City, too.  Call our office today and get the information you need to begin our moving services. Our international movers would love to help you make this adventurous new move. 

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