Careers – Operations Department – Long Distance Coordinator

Reports to the Operations Manager.

Scope of Responsibilities
To route and coordinate long distance trips while making division profitable.

Specific Duties
To handle sales files by entering the file into the computer, placing file tags on Board under correct delivery or pick up dates and filing the files
To handle contracts by attaching the pickup/delivery contract to files and entering the contract information into the computer
To talk to the salesperson that is responsible for a particular job when something on the file is not that clear or when a problem arises so as to clear any potential problems for the next day, i.e. form of payment or the number of workers and trucks for a job.
To route and plan trip by scheduling customers according to location and delivery needs and calculating profitability of trip based on linehaul/expenses incurred by driver, etc.
To ensure that the customers know about the scheduled move: to confirm the customer’s address, telephone number, balance due, date of delivery
On pick-up day, to confirm delivery information, if necessary, to raise rate according to extra cubic feet
To acquire approval on balance due from Accounting/approval on storage due from storage
To prepare Storage for day of loading and make out loading order
To prepare Dispatch for day of loading and send request for approval
To ensure that the scheduled Long Distance Movers are present in the morning and on the appropriate truck for the specific job
To prepare driver for day of loading by giving him/her a copy of trip schedule and contracts, and to have money prepared for by appropriate person for driver tip (given to driver by special instructions)
To ensure that the scheduled Long Distance movers will be at the scheduled job at the scheduled time
To work with agents: provide agents with rates and schedule any last minute return jobs
During a trip, to talk to driver on daily basis and schedule any last minute return jobs
To resolve any problems that arise while the Long Distance mover is on a trip
If there are problems which the Long Distance Foreman cannot solve, to resolve these problems
To ensure that the customer pays in full and by the agreed form of payment
To check with the garage, as trucks return, to make sure the trucks are prepared for the next trip
To take the contracts from the Long Distance Foreman as they return
To ensure that the amount on the contract(s) matches the money that the Long Distance Foremen collected
To assign the movers’ and foremen’s working hours to payroll
To close trip and contract by attaching delivery contracts and inventory to file and entering all final information into the computer

Personnel Requirements (education, training, experience, licensing, etc.)
Related training and/or experience
Customer service experience

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