International Moving to South Korea

Are you getting ready to make a big move? You need to find a company that you can trust to help you along the way. Sea & Air International is a phenomenal company that can be a great asset to you in this monumental change. Our team has been alongside many families during this transition in their lives.

Sea & Air International Moving Services

International Moving to South Korea

We have helped people move to different international countries over the years, including South Korea. Our team is educated and trained to help you with the information and guidelines to make this big move. Moving to a new county is scary sometimes, no matter how excited you are to do it. 

If you have questions about the documents you need or the papers you need signed, we can help. We will also be able to provide you with lists of vaccinations required for pets tagging along, lists of included belongings that are needed, and information on the prohibited items. There is a lot of information to obtain and know before you make the official move, and we can help you understand it all. We are right there with you, from packing your belongings to getting you settled in your new place. 

We Can Assist You Moving To South Korea

South Korea is a fun, exciting, and upbeat place to live. It is located in the Eastern part of Asia and has over 51 million people who live there. There are numerous beautiful views that you can take in of the green hills and land. Not to mention the breathtaking structures to see, such as the uniquely designed Buddhist temples. 

If you are a technical-loving type of person, you will find this to be a fascinating place to be. They are very advanced with their technology skills. Sea & Air is thrilled whenever we get to assist people in moving to South Korea. 

Frequent Questions We Are Asked

Do you need more information about how this all works? Feel free to call us at any point in time. It would be our pleasure to provide you with additional information. Here is a couple of question that is asked regularly. 

Do I Need A Visa?

Yes, anytime you want to travel to South Korea for pleasure, working, learning, or more, you need to have a visa. 

What Documents Do I Need?

There are several important documents you need before you move to South Korea. For example, these are a few of them that you will need to have:

  • Passport
  • Inventory List
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Vehicle Title
  • Insurance Policy
  • Proof Of Identification for Animals
  • Animal Health Certificate
  • And More

Let Us Help You Now

Don’t put off getting the help you need any longer. Call Sea & Air International today to help you with the information you need for an international move. We are located in New York and can help with many different international locations. It would be our pleasure to be the company you rely on for this important step in your life.

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