International Moving To Mexico

International moving is a big move to make, one that is full of unknowns and excitement. There are many documents and details that have to be put in order before you make your move. Sea & Air is an international moving company that can help you with this transition. Our professionals will help you from getting all the necessary documents to getting settled in your new location. 

How Sea & Air Can Help You

Sea & Air has helped many people make international moves over the years. Our team of movers is professional and trained to make this an easy process for you. It is essential that all the documents and papers you need are in order and completed before moving. The last thing you want is to be held up at customs. 

Here is a list of items you will need to have to make an international move to Mexico:

  • Copy Of Passport
  • Proof Of Ownership Of Important Items Your Bringing
  • Purchase Invoice and Title For Vehicle
  • Copy Of Drivers License
  • Health Records and Vaccination Record For Pets
  • And Much More

We will also make sure that you are aware of all prohibited and restricted items that you cannot bring with you. 

We Help People Move To Mexico

Located in Northern America is the beautiful country of Mexico. The US is to the North and isn’t as far away as some international locations. Belize and Guatemala are some of the surrounding countries of Mexico. 

The Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean are all bodies of water surrounding Mexico. There is a population of around 127 million. Sea & Air is proud to help people make a move to Mexico and other international locations.

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If you are gearing up for an international move to Mexico, contact Sea & Air today. Our professional team can help you make this transition as smooth as possible. It is our pleasure to help you with this significant change in your life.

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