International Moving To Europe

Are you looking to make an international move? A new job opportunity or just taking a leap of faith? Let Sea & Air take some of the stress, worry, and anxiety off you by hiring an experienced and professional moving company. Our team knows that international moving is a big deal, and we want you to focus on what really matters. We can take care of the rest. 

How Sea & Air Can Help

International Moving To Europe

We know that having everything in order before moving is important, but it can also be overwhelming. This is where we chip in and help take the stress off of you. With our assistance, we can help you with documents required, motor vehicle documents, pets, restricted and dutiable items, as well as prohibited items. 

 Some people moving intentionally do not realize what all documents are needed for a move. This includes a copy of your passport, residence certificate, certificate of entry, letter of employment, and a packing list. If traveling with pets, you will need a vaccination record and veterinary health certificate. Some restricted items can include food, stuffed animals and animal skins, plants, alcohol, tobacco products, and a list of other things. Prohibited items include firearms, ammunition, and illegal drugs. This list can be a bit overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing, but we have you covered; no need to stress.

International Moving Frequent Questions

We have been helping people relocate for years, and we often get asked the same questions; some of our more common ones include:

If I am shipping a vehicle, can I pack other items inside?

This really depends on how the vehicle is being shipped. For vehicles that use the roll-on and roll-off, nothing else is allowed inside other than the spare tire, jack, and things that go with the vehicle. If you are using a container to ship your vehicle, you could bring personal belongings. You will, however, need an itemized list and nothing illegal packed inside.

Should I purchase insurance?

Accidents happen; we all know this, so we strongly recommend that you purchase an insurance policy that covers your vehicle, shipping charges, and goods. Your current vehicle insurance policy will not cover your vehicle during shipment while on the water. 

We Can Help With Your Move to Europe

We know you are excited about your big move to Europe, and we would love to help. Europe comprises about 50 sovereign states and has a total population of over 746 million people. 

The four largest urban areas in Europe are Istanbul, Moscow, Paris, and London. All these have over 10 million residents and are called megacities. 

Sports in Europe tend to be organized, with most having professional leagues. Spectator sports are widespread across Europe, but the most popular is football. 

Which European Country Is For You? 

The first factor to take into account when deciding on your desired country is if it has suitable visa and residency options for you. Other things to consider are your age, family circumstances, interests, finances, and personal preferences. Finding a city that speaks to you is important. You will undoubtedly have to make some adjustments because you are relocating to a foreign country, but be sure to thoroughly investigate all of your options and interests for the one you choose. 

Other important aspects for careful consideration include:

  • Location
  • Climate
  • City size
  • Culture
  • Cost of living
  • And healthcare

If you are more of a sweater-weather type of person, you may want to avoid moving to a location that enjoys plenty of sun and warmer weather. You should also consider if you would like to live in a quieter and more peaceful area or if having the energy of a big city is important. Where you can live will also be largely dictated by your income level. Healthcare is also a subject to consider carefully, especially if you require special medications or treatments. Although some offer superior care versus others, the majority of European nations offer more affordable healthcare.

Furthermore, culture is also important. While Southern Europe is a little more relaxed than Northern Europe. Both regions share a more organized culture and orientation to time, similar to the US. Life moves more slowly, and there are many schedule variations, from mealtimes to store hours, among Mediterranean civilizations. This may be a welcome reprieve for some people, while it may frustrate others. 

Housing And Work Relocation

In terms of the euro and pound exchange rates, the U.S. dollar remains strong. It is affordable to rent an apartment, buy a townhouse or condo, or buy a single-family home in Europe because housing costs in some nations are less expensive than in major U.S. cities. 

Some of the most popular locations for American homebuyers to purchase real estate are said to be European nations like Portugal, Spain, and Italy. According to experts, these nations offer options for Americans who wish to downsize or renovate a home. Spain and Portugal are two of the most affordable countries to live in Western Europe. Poland, Bulgaria, and Georgia are relatively affordable and excellent options for foreigners. Other benefits in these areas include pleasant weather, lovely landscapes, waterfront property, and a generally high quality of life. Transportation between European cities is also accessible and affordable. 

Spain and Portugal, which provide simpler pathways to residency, are favorites among expatriates. For independent contractors and self-employed people, the Netherlands and Germany are acceptable options. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are some of the most challenging nations to relocate to. The average American has fewer options for visas to these nations. An internal transfer to a foreign office or having a parent or spouse who is from one of these nations are the two most typical routes to residency. While it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find work, several nations may extend your visa while you seek work.

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