International Moving To China

Are you making an international move to China soon? Sea & Air International is a highly-recommended company to help you with everything that has to do with making an international move. Don’t let the stress and anxiety of making a big move overwhelm you; hire the help you need. You won’t regret it. 

How We Can Help You Move To China

International Moving To China

When you decide to move to China, there is a lot that you have to have in order before you go. Many people don’t realize the number of documents, papers, and other important information you need before you make a move. Sea & Air International can help you get all of these things together and ensure that you are entirely prepared. 

Not only do we help you pack, store items you are not bringing with you, unpack at your new destination, but we help with the process leading up to the move as well. Here are some of the many documents, papers, and information you will need before you leave:

  • Passport
  • Packing Inventory
  • OBL and AWB
  • Vehicle Registration, Purchase Invoice, and Car Info
  • Pet Vaccine and Immunization Records 
  • Health Document For Pet
  • List Of Restricted and Prohibited Items

Required Documentation For Moving To China

Getting your papers in order is the first and most crucial stage in the relocation process. The best visa will depend on how long you intend to stay and if you intend to work. Immunizations should also be made a top priority when relocating to China. Verify the customs allowances once again before packing and have the appropriate paperwork in order, whether you’re moving alone or with family or pets. For your convenience, we have posted the necessary paperwork below. 

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

  • Original passport with a residence permit (valid for at least 12 months)
  • Original work permit (valid for at least 12 months)
  • Original passport with diplomatic visa (diplomats)
  • Consulate officer certificate (diplomats)
  • Import permit (consulate or embassy must apply for diplomats)
  • Diplomatic card (diplomats)
  • Pro-forma invoice (diplomats)
  • Baggage declaration form, if applicable (2 identical copies)
  • Packing inventory list in English or Chinese (diplomat list must be signed and itemized)
  • List of electronic items
  • Alcohol/wine list
  • Ocean bill of lading (OBL)/telex release/air waybill (AWB)
  • Arrival notice (sea shipments)

Motor Vehicles

  • Details of the vehicle including brand name and style (e.g., sedan, SUV, color, vehicle identification number (VIN) number, etc.
  • Original purchase invoice/log book with chassis and engine number
  • Import permit (diplomats)


  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Vaccination record

Restricted And Dutiable Items

  • Antiques should be registered to avoid issues upon re-export in the future due to the strict regulations on Chinese Customs regarding the export of antiques.
  • Books (a letter of explanation must be included and detail where the books were purchased, the total number, the book titles, and value of each, the subject matter, etc., e.g., work, study.  More than 10 books are dutiable (returning citizens).
  • CDs, VCDs, DVDs, LDs, and videotapes may total no more than 100 items to import duty-free; items are subject to inspection and will be returned approximately 4 weeks after clearance is completed.
    • More than 20 pieces are dutiable for returning citizens.
    • These items are subject to a Customs inspection of approximately 2-3 weeks.
  • Electrical appliances (duties of 20%)
  • Food products must be dry goods, originally canned or vacuum packed, in sealed packaging only.
    • One small carton of food items may be included in air shipments and 2-3 small cartons for sea shipments.
    • Food products are subject to duties of approximately 10% of the declared value.
    • Customs reserves the right to levy higher duties and taxes on commercial quantities.
  • Personal computers with encryption capabilities require the approval of installed software before importation.
    • Personal computers with simple password software, such as Microsoft products, contained in household goods and personal effects shipment are generally acceptable.

Prohibited Items

  • Alcohol (Beijing)
  • Drugs
  • Fax/photocopy machines
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Grand and baby grand pianos (contact agent for specific information)
  • Medicines and other items from epidemic-stricken areas
  • Perishable food items (items containing the essence or extract from eggs are subject to confiscation or destruction)
  • POE / AOE Chengdu: billiard and pool tables
  • Pornographic materials
  • Politically subversive materials

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about the services that we offer and how we can help. You should always feel free to give us a call and ask us anything that you need information on. Here is a list of some of the questions we get most often.

Do I Need Insurance?

It is never a bad idea to purchase insurance when moving internationally. You never know when an accident is going to happen, and it is better to be prepared. It would be advised to purchase a policy that covers your vehicle, belongings, and chipping charges. 

Can I Ship My Vehicle?

Yes, you can ship your vehicle when you move to China.

Can You Help With Language Barriers?

The language barrier is one of the most complex parts of moving to an international country. Do some practice before you move, and we will help with the important communication needs in the moving process. 

We Love International Moves To China

There is roughly a population of 1.4 million people who reside in China. That is a large number and a great country that has a lot to offer its residents. We have helped many people make this move and are happy to do the same for you to China or anywhere around the world

Sea & Air Is Here To Help

Call Sea & Air International to get any additional information you need about our services. Let us be the company that you trust with your international move to China. No matter if this is a professional move or a pleasure one, there is nervousness and excitement. We are here to ease the nerves. 

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