International Moving To Brazil

Moving is a big deal for most people. But internationally moving is a whole different process. There is a lot that is involved in the entire process. That aside, it is also an exciting move to make. If you are thinking about a short-term visit or even a move to Brazil, let Sea & Air International help you. We will walk through every step with you. 

moving to Brazil

Our Services

Sea & Air has helped many people over the years make big moves like this. Our services can be extremely beneficial to you. Not only do we pack your home up for you, but we also make sure you have all the necessary documentation, and unload at your new destination.

Some of the documentation (you can find the full list here) that you will need are notarized copies of your passport, detailed inventory in Portuguese, and notarized copies of your airline tickets. If you are bringing a motor vehicle with you, you will need the title and the invoice. Vaccination and health records will need to be collected for any animals you are bringing with you. The list goes on and on, but we will help you with every step that you need to take. 

We Love Making Moves To Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country that you will enjoy living in. Whether you are making the move for personal reasons or for business reasons, you will have a great time there. There is a population of over 200 million people who live in Brazil. 

Rio de Janeiro is the capital state in Brazil. Home to many Brazilian festivals, free beach access, and family-friendly activities, this is a must-visit when living in Brazil. Sao Paulo is considered the financial center of Brazil, with an incredible history and cityscape to view. Finding work in cities like Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro is much easier than many fear, because of the number of people and attractions there. Don’t stress about finding a job, Brazilians are known to be exceptionally helpful and social!

We understand the struggles that you may face making a permanent move and want to make it as seamless as possible. There are some items you are prohibited to bring into the country when moving. Our team of movers will make sure you are aware of those items. 

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For help with your upcoming move, call Sea & Air today. We provide moving services to areas all over the globe, and we are happy to help and share in your excitement. It can be a high-energy process, and we will do our best to help you feel more relaxed. Call today and let us help you get started on making your next move.

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