International Moving From NYC to The United Arab Emirates

Are you making a big move in your life? One that is taking you from NYC to the United Arab Emirates? This is an exciting and nerve-wracking event in your life. It is fun to move, but it is a little scary to make an international move for the first time. Sea & Air is here to help you through every step along the way to make it a little less stressful. 

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International Moving From NYC to The United Arab Emirates

No one can deny that making an international move is stressful and full of many unknowns in the beginning. Until you are there, you may still feel a little unsettled about the entire situation. Whether you are completely onboard and ready to make this change. 

If you are making this move temporarily for work or another reason, we offer climate-controlled warehouse storage for your convenience. Some of the other ways that we help you is through packing, shipping, and packing your belongings. Any questions about needed documents, papers, and signatures can be inquired about through us as well. Here are a few examples of the information we can provide you with:

  • Household Goods Documents Needed
  • Personal Affect Documents Needed
  • Motor Vehicle Documents Needed
  • Pet Documents Needed
  • Restricted/Dutiable Items
  • Prohibited Items

 We Can Move You to The United Arab Emirates

Located in the Middle East is the country of the United Arab Emirates. This is a country that is part of Western Asia and has a population of almost 10 million people. The area is known to be friendly, and they speak Arabic. 

When you have made the decision to move to this area, we would be happy to help you. We have helped a large number of people move to the United Arab Emirates and other areas. 

Frequent Questions Asked

Do you have questions you would like to ask us? We are always happy to talk with our customers and give them the information they are looking for. It is a big deal to make this type of move and the more information you have, the more comfortable you will be. In order to help you more, we have listed a couple of the frequent questions we receive. 

Do I Require A Packing List When Moving To the United Arab Emirates?

Yes. You need to have a list of everything you have packed to take with you to this country. Having it available in English is a good idea. 

Am I Allowed To Bring My Dog With Me?

Yes. If you have a pet that you would like to bring with you when you move to the United Arab Emirates, you can do so with the proper paperwork. All you need is the following:

  • Pet Passport
  • Veterinary Health Records
  • Certificate of Vaccination

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Are you ready to hire the help you need to make an international move from NYC to the United Arab Emirates? Call Sea & Air International to know what you need to make this happen smoothly. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We love being able to help our clients with all they need when facing this big move in their life.

Customs Information

It is prohibited to import the following items: wine & liquor, all types of drugs, narcotics, arms & ammunition, pornographic literature and audio/video tapes, religious books, and audio/video tapes containing blasphemy against religion and beliefs. It is also prohibited to import items that go against the preservation of endangered animals (like Ivory, Tiger skin, etc.).

Personal Effects and Household Goods
Generally, all used Household goods are exempted from the payment of customs duty. If brand new items are found 5% of the CIF value of the goods will be charged as custom duty.

Documents Required
A copy of the Bill of Lading/Airway Bill should be made in favor of the consignee mentioning our agent as the notifying party. Short descriptions of the items as used Personal Effects and Household goods of . . . . . (mentioning the name of the consignee) indicating the correct number of packages and their weight and measurements. Complete packing list mentioning items, boxes/packages, and the value of the same.
A photocopy of the passport of the individual to whom the consignment is addressed and an authorization letter from the same individual authorizing our agent as the agent to customs clear the consignment on his behalf. If the individual is arriving in UAE and in the station during the time of customs clearance, these documents can be obtained locally and directly from the consignee.
Ocean Freight, Original Bill of Lading, in duplicate, and Packing list in triplicate & original insurance certificate (if applicable) should reach our agent, at least three days prior to the arrival of the vessel concerned.
For Air Freight, Packing List in triplicate along with the insurance certificate (if applicable) should be attached to the Master /House Airway Bill.

Customs Clearance
All packages will be inspected by the Customs Officers at the airport/seaport prior to the release. If the consignee wishes to inspect the goods at his residence, customs will charge a minimum of US $55.00. This facility can be demanded only when the consignment is large or containerized. Videotapes, exposed films, audio tapes, maps, and books will be taken out and subjected to a thorough check by the Ministry of Information. All types of Pornography tapes and literature will be confiscated and destroyed and in some cases called for an explanation of why the prohibited items are included in the consignment.

For Automobiles and Motor Cycles, Engine Numbers, Chassis Numbers, Make, Model, Colour, and Year of Manufacture, should be inserted in the B/L /AWB. If the vehicle is used once and exemption of duty is expected, then the certified copies of the registration book of the vehicle issued by the originating country should be also attached to the original documents.

The time required for custom clearing shipment and delivering to the consignee’s residence is two days for airfreight and for sea freight three to four days.

Making a false or misleading statement to the Authorities is an offense and may involve heavy penalties. Drug trafficking is against the law and severe penalties apply.

Important: This information is intended for general guidance. Sea & Air International cannot however take responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such it is advisable to contact the nearest Australian customs office for full and current information prior to importation.

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