International Moving From NYC to Russia

Do you need help making an international move from NYC to Russia? You are in luck. Sea & Air International is a fantastic company that can help you make this move. We are a professional business that enables you to make sure everything is in order before you move. In the NYC area, we come highly recommended for the customer service that we provide to you. 

Let Us Move You To Russia From NYC

International Moving From NYC to Russia

Moving services are a great way to save your sanity during a big move. An international move is full of many uncertainties, anxiety, nervousness, and more. When you hire Sea & Air International, we will help you relax and feel assured everything is in order. Some of the ways that we help are:

  • All Documents For Used Household Goods
  • The Documents Needed For Personal Effects
  • Documents Required For Motor Vehicles 
  • Pet Documents Required
  • Knowledge of Restricted/Dutiable Items
  • List of Prohibited Items

These are just a few of the many ways that we can assist you in an international move. We will do everything that we can to make you feel comfortable and confident about your move. Our company has climate-controlled storage units available for the items you are leaving behind while you are gone.

Documents Required For Moving To Russia

Before your move, you will want to ensure that you have all the necessary and important documentation in order and on hand. Below we have listed the required documentation for your convenience. 

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of diplomatic passport, diplomatic visa, and diplomatic card (diplomats)
  • Copy of visa (accredited individuals)
  • Copy of accreditation card (accredited individuals)
  • Customs declaration form (non-accredited individuals)
  • Registration with the Federal Immigration Services (FMS)(non-accredited individuals)
  • Letter of employment
  • Power of attorney
  • Packing list
  • Detailed inventory or pro-forma invoice
  • Customs declaration form
  • Telex release bill of lading (OBL)/copy air waybill (AWB)

Motor Vehicles

  • Original technical passport
  • Employment confirmation letter (non-citizens)
  • Purchase document
  • Original Customs declaration
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Telex release bill of lading/copy air waybill


  • Pet passport
  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Certificate of vaccination

Restricted And Dutiable Items

  • Precious jewelry, stones, medicines, and currency can be imported only as accompanied baggage and must be declared with Customs authorities at the time of the owner of the goods’ arrival.
  • Wine and spirits (2L)
  • Arms and ammunition

Prohibited Items

  • Narcotics
  • Pornography
  • Flora and fauna objects
  • Toxic and radioactive materials
  • Weapons of all kinds
  • Technical/receiving apparatus which operates with a frequency higher than 9 KHz

What You Should Know Before You Go

Many people believe that visiting or moving to Russia would be exciting. Despite having one of the finest art and history museums in the world, beautiful architecture, and a variety of wildlife and natural wonders including tundras, mountains, and lakes, relocating to the largest nation in the world may be challenging. 

The Language 

It would be beneficial if you knew some basics of the Russian language before traveling overseas to Russia. English is not as frequently spoken in Russia, whether by employees at a grocery shop or a train ticket office. Russians are known as Slavs or Slavic People, and most of them practice Russian Orthodoxy, a branch of Christianity that makes up around 70% of the country’s population.

Russian Culture And Customs

To its visitors and foreigners, Russians are incredibly kind and cordial. Smiles and familiarity, meanwhile, only come after some time spent making new friends. Respect for family ties and elders is deeply rooted in Russian society because it is family-centered. 

It’s best to avoid creating or participating in making any insulting stereotypical remarks or jokes while you’re in Russia. You should also avoid discussing Russian politics or history unless you’ve been invited into a discussion. Russian literature, art, music, ballet, and athletics have a rich history of outstanding performers and provide the Russian people with great pride and love for their country and countrymen.

Locating Accommodations In Russia

Russia offers a wide variety of accommodation options, the majority of which are city apartments and international compounds frequently found outside the cities. Many apartments offer high ceilings and traditional aesthetics in a modern setting with excellent amenities, including internet access. Securely gated, the housing compounds also offer other benefits, including sports and community centers inside the perimeter.

The Cost Of Living In Russia

Senior managerial roles are typically held by foreigners in Russia, which entitles them to hefty salaries. Accommodations, insurance, a car or driver, and an education allowance are occasionally included in salary packages. This suggests that many expats won’t have to pay as dearly for some of the finer things in Russia. 

In Russia, lifestyle directly affects the cost of living. Expats may discover that these luxuries do have a cost if they wish to live luxuriously, dine out frequently, and enjoy the finer things Russia has to offer. Nevertheless, as life in smaller cities is frequently less expensive, this can also depend on the region in which expats are located.

Russian Healthcare

In Russia, several private healthcare options provide high-quality treatments and services. Additionally, there is a higher likelihood that the medical staff at these facilities speak English. Given the high cost of private healthcare in Russia, purchasing private health insurance is necessary and should be carefully and extensively explored and considered.  

Is It Safe To Move To Russia?

Over the past two decades, crime rates in Russia have decreased substantially and have continued to drop. This makes Russia a welcoming and safe place for expats to visit and enjoy. However, as with any other country in the world, there are risks and surroundings that you must be aware of. Do not leave your bag or purse unattended, and do not travel at night alone.

Russia Is An Amazing Country

The capital of Russia is Moscow, and there is a population of over 1 trillion residents in the whole country. It is a beautiful area and a great place to visit. If your work has recently given you orders to move here, we can help you through the process. 

We have successfully moved many people to Russia and other countries. Sea & Air can provide you with all the needed information for moving to Russia.

We Can Answer Your Questions

People often have many questions about international moves and what is all involved in the process. This is a big time in your life, and you need to be as prepared as you possibly can. Here are a couple of the questions that people use most often. 

Is Russia A Safe Place To Live?

Russia is a popular destination to live and visit. Like any country or state you visit, there are good and bad areas. When you have the knowledge you need about the area, you can educate yourself on the areas that are not known for their safety. 

What Are The Costs of Living Per Month In Russia?

When you live in Russia, you can expect the cost of living to be around $1,200 a month. Depending on where you live and the amenities that are offered, you can expect to pay up to $3,000 a month. 

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