International Moving From NYC to Qatar

Did you just receive news that you are moving to Qatar? Sea & Air International can assist you in moving from NYC to Qatar. There are many reasons people make a move like this, whether work-related or personal. No matter your reasoning, we are here to help you with this monumental change in your life. 

Our International Moving Services

International Moving From NYC to Qatar

International moving services are a beneficial solution to a stressful move. Sea & Air International is a moving company that assists people in overseas moves to many different locations. Our services include white glove moving, corporate moves, and more. 

When you are making a move to Qatar, you probably have many questions about what is acceptable and what isn’t. We have all the information you need about prohibited, restricted, and acceptable items you can bring. The last thing you want is a problem once you arrive or when going through customs because you weren’t aware of an item you needed. 

Some examples of documents you need to bring with you or obtain before going are:

  • Personal Documents- Passport, Visa, Packing List In English, and More
  • Motor Vehicle Documents- Proof of Ownership, Insurance Policy, Registration, and More 
  • Pet Documents- Vaccination Record and Veterinary Health Certificate

Some examples of items that are restricted or prohibited from you bringing with you to or from Qatar are:

  • Cigarettes and Firearms
  • Explosives Items
  • Idols and Ivory
  • Pornographic Material and Narcotic Drugs
  • Pork Products and Alcohol
  • And More

There Are Many Great Things About Qatar

Qatar is an Arab country that has a population of over two million people. It is known to be a safe place to live and visit. If you are interested in moving to this country, Sea & Air International can help you make it happen. 

Our team has assisted in many international moves to Qatar and surrounding areas. 

Commonly Asked Questions We Receive

Questions are always welcome, and we encourage you to contact us with any that you may have. We have listed a few of the commonly asked questions people have had for us recently. 

If you have any additional ones, we would be happy to answer those too. 

Is It Safe To Move To Qatar?

Qatar is not known to be a country with high crime rates. It is a safe place to live and visit in most situations. 

Is Healthcare Free In Qatar?

Healthcare for residents of Qatar is provided to them free of cost. There are options for private healthcare that come with a price. It is known to be a faster pace option for residents. 

Let Us Help You

Do you need help moving your belongings from NYC to Qatar? Sea & Air International is a highly reputable business in the area that can help you with these needs. Call today to get more information and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to talking with you soon and helping you pack your belongings.

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