International Moving From NYC to Puerto Rico

Is your company transferring you to a new location? If you are about to make an international move from NYC to Puerto Rico, Sea & Air International is here to help you. Our company has been helping people with these intense moves for many years. 

You Can Rely On Our Team

International Moving From NYC to Puerto Rico

We want your move to happen as smoothly as we possibly can make it. Our team knows all the proper steps that need to be taken in order for you to make a successful move internationally. Our team will make the journey with you from point A to point. From paperwork, documents, packing your home, moving it, and unpacking it. The job is not completed until you are comfortable in your new place in Puerto Rico. 

Things To Know When Moving From NYC to Puerto Rico

It is best to be as informed as you possibly can when making an international move. That is what we are here for. To better serve you, we have made a list of some of the information that is most beneficial to you. Such as the items you need to have and the items that you are not allowed to have. 

  • Required Personal Documents- (Diplomats) A-1 Visa, I-94 Stamp/Card, Form CF-3299, Passport, Detailed Inventory List, Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, and More
  • Required Motor Vehicle Documents- Department of Transportation Form HS-7, Bill of Sale, Environmental Protection Agency Form EPA-3520-21, and More
  • Required Pet Documents- Veterinary Health Certificates and Rabies Veterinary Records
  • Purchase Invoice For Antiques, Artifacts, Carpets, and Paintings
  • Detailed Inventory For Antiques, Artifacts, Carpets, and Paintings
  • Restricted/Dutiable Items- Fruits, Vegetables, Medications, Gun, and More
  • Prohibited Items- Cuban Cigars, Pornagraphic Materials, Illegal Drugs, Absinthe, Blank Tapes, and More

We Love Helping People Move To Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an amazing Caribbean Island. There are gorgeous views of mountains, waterfalls, and the rainforest that you can view. You can enjoy many different activities and exciting nightlife there. The population is roughly around 3 million people. It is always a great pleasure for our team to assist people in NYC with a move to Puerto Rico. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions that you would like to ask us? We would love to help you with any information that you need. Here are a few examples of some frequent questions that we receive from people interested in our services. 

Do Many People Move To Puerto Rico For Work?

As not commonly thought by people, Puerto Rico is a great area that has many job opportunities. It is a highly visited location for tourists, but that doesn’t mean the work opportunities are slim. 

What Are The Living Costs For Puerto Rico?

The monthly costs that people need to live in Puerto Rico may vary depending on where the exact location of the home is. On average, you can expect to need around $2,000 a month for living comfortably. 

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Our team is ready to help you make an international move. Sea & Air International has been helping people make these changes for many years. Our team has plenty of experience and knowledge to help you make this a successful process. Call us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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