International Moving From NYC To Japan

Many people make international moves for work-related purposes. Then there are some that make these moves for school or personal reasons. Some people are planning this move to be permanent, and some are only doing it for a short amount of time. No matter what all the timelines are for you, Sea & Air International can help you get it done successfully. 

We Can Help You Move To Japan

International Moving From NYC To Japan

When you get the news that your job is taking you to Japan, you may panic at first. This means a lot of changes are coming your way. An international move is exciting, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t nervous. Our team is here to calm your nerves and make this transition as simple as possible. 

Sea & Air International is a professional company that can provide you with the information you need to make this a successful move. From point A to point B, we will be by your side. Some of the ways that we do that are:

  • Information On Personal Documents Needed
  • Information On Pet Health and Vaccination Records Needed
  • Information On Vehicle Registration, Title, and Other Documents Needed
  • Information On Restricted, Dutiable, and Prohibited Items

Japan Is A Great Country

Japan is a highly-populated area in East Asia. There is a population that is greater than 125 million people. The capital of Japan is Tokyo, which is a highly visited area. A popular trend in this country is flower arranging and calligraphy. 

A trendy food choice, sushi, originated in Japan. Some of the fun and exciting activities that you can find are sumo wrestling, visiting Tokyo Sky Street, seeing the cherry blossom trees, and so much more. Sea & Air International is always happy to help people move to Japan and other countries

Questions That Are Frequently Asked

Questions are a big part of international moves. People need to know any information that they can possibly know before moving to Japan. That way you are fully informed. Some of the many questions that we get are:

Will Sea & Air Move My Vehicle?

Yes, you can take your vehicle along with you when you move to Japan. There are paper and documents that you will need when you do so, but Sea & AIr International can help you move your vehicle. 

What Do I Need For My Vehicle When Taking It To Japan?

There are many different types of information that you need when you move internationally. When it comes to your vehicle, you will need:

  • Original Passport
  • Proof Of Ownership
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Certificate Of Insurance
  • And More

We Are Here To Help

Sea & Air International is a moving company that helps people move abroad. Whether it is a temporary or permanent move, we can help you through this process. Call us today to get scheduled and any additional information you need.

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