International Moving from NYC to Ireland

Hiring a professional international moving company is the best option for such a long-distance move. They can provide the necessary assistance and expertise to ensure your belongings arrive safely and on time. Additionally, they can provide advice and guidance to help you navigate international moving complexities. Consider Sea & Air as your international move experts.

We Specialize in International Moving 

International Moving from NYC to Ireland

When you hire a professional international moving company, you can be assured that your belongings will be handled with care and expertise. They have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that your move is handled efficiently and safely. They also have the resources to provide advice and support throughout the entire moving process. Furthermore, they can provide help with customs paperwork and other formalities required for international moves. 

Detailed Information About Moving to Ireland

Aside from the general documents needed to live in another country, there is specific information you should know about. 

  • Prior to import, all goods must be owned by the owner for at least 12 months.
  • Required documents must be received by the agent prior to the shipment’s arrival to minimize port charges. 
  • Customs clearance does not require the owner’s presence.
  • The owner of the goods should arrive in the country prior to the shipment’s arrival.
  • If you do not have a European Union passport, you must provide a copy of your Irish entry authorization visa. 

Use this key information to ensure your move goes smoothly. Without these key pieces of documentation, it can be difficult to ensure a smooth transition to Ireland. 

Benefits of Living in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage. There are many benefits to living in Ireland, such as access to excellent healthcare, a low cost of living, and the opportunity for a high quality of life. The country also has a vibrant music and arts scene, as well as an abundance of outdoor activities and natural beauty. Additionally, Ireland offers a welcoming and diverse community, making it an ideal destination for people looking to relocate. 

We Can Help You Move 

Sea & Air provides a full-service moving experience to help you with your international move. Our experienced team of professionals can help you with everything from packing and shipping to customs clearance and delivery. Contact us today and request a free quote. You can also visit this page for a full list of our international moving list.

Customs Information

Plants, Drugs, Hay, Straw, Peat Moss, Explosives, Fireworks, and Firearms except under license from Irish Government. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS

Used household effects (including used motor cars) may be imported free of Customs duties, provided that they have been acquired by the Importer at least six months previously for substantial use outside the country and are being imported for personal use.

At least 4 days’ notice in advance is required:
Completed Customs Import Notice, No 1076
Packing List + Total Value.
Documentation confirming disposal of accommodation abroad and new employment.
Name and address of Employer in Ireland.
Documentation regarding termination of employment abroad.
Commercial invoices for any new goods.
If you wish to declare Silverware, an additional Form CU56 should be completed.

Before importing pets, an Import Licence should be obtained and quarantine arrangements made. We would be pleased to carry out this complicated procedure on your behalf. The animal must be consigned as manifested freight to one of the approved ports of entry and moved from the Port or Airport by the Irish Transport Authority.

Plants must be accompanied by a Phytosanitary or Health Certificate issued at the origin.

Making a false or misleading statement to the Authorities is an offense and may involve heavy penalties. Drug trafficking is against the law, and severe penalties apply.

Important: This information is intended for general guidance. Sea & Air International cannot, however, take responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such, it is advisable to contact the nearest Australian customs office for full and current information prior to importation.

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