International Moving From NYC To India

If you are planning an international move to India, you need to consider hiring a professional moving company. It can make the entire process a lot less stressful for you. You need to be aware of many rules, regulations, and protocols. Sea & Air International has the experience and knowledge to help you feel more at ease during the moving process.

Our International Moving Services

International Moving From NYC To India`

Have you ever made an international move before? You are probably excited and nervous all at the same time. It is an experience of a lifetime, even if it is a move that you are making for work. Some of the many things that we can inform you about, help you do, help you obtain, and more are:

  • Gathering All Important Documents Such as Passport, Visa, Original Residence Permit, and So Much More
  • Specific Information About Belongings, Goods, Regulations, Protocols, and Inventory Lists You Will Need
  • All Important Information You Will Need If Bringing A Vehicle Such As OBL, Title, Registration, and Manufacturers Invoice
  • Any Restricted or Prohibited Items
  • All Information That Is Needed For Pets You Are Bringing Such As Health Records, Vaccination Records, Quarantine Documents, and More

Our team can help you make permanent or temporary international moves. Sea & Air International has climate-controlled storage units for you to use for items you are leaving behind during your move. That way, your items are protected from theft, damage, and more while you are gone. 

Moving To India?

Religious customs, spending time with family, and eating together are highly cherished in Indian culture. This friendly, colorful nation is brimming with life. The streets and air is filled with music, dance, and annual festivals. That is why you’ve made the right decision if you’re going to India in search of adventure, diversity, and sun! But before you pack your bags and head out the door, here are some changes you will experience and adaptions you may face when living there.

Expat Population 

India has more expats than any other country – more than 18 million. The leading nationalities of expats residing in India include American (largest), British (second largest), and a smaller percentage than the former two are German. Moreover, India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world, with 12 percent of Indians speaking English.


To relocate to India, expats often need an Employment Visa (E-Visa) and a work permit. You can submit your online application for them or use your Indian employer. You must make a minimum of US$25,000 per year, and your employer’s firm must be registered in India to qualify for an E-Visa via them. When applying for your E-Visa, you will need:

  • Valid travel documents such as your passport
  • Proof of employment at the company or organization
  • All necessary and relevant qualifications/professional certificates

You must also provide your nearest embassy with printed copies of the application and supporting documents. Typically, an E-Visa is issued for a year or up to five years (the longest allowed.) You can seek permanent resident status after five years.


The right to attend public schools is afforded by the Indian constitution to every child between the ages of six and fourteen. The Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences in Solan and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore are highly regarded educational institutions.


In a large country like India, there is strong competition for employment. High education or skill levels will help you to stand out. While IT services continue to be one of India’s key exports, many other sectors also support the country’s expanding economy. Some of the industries that you might find an easier time achieving employment in include:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Petroleum
  • And pharmaceuticals


India’s universal healthcare system is supported through personal and private insurance and publicly sponsored public hospitals. Your best choice is private health insurance because there aren’t many hospitals with available space due to the enormous population.


India is the wettest nation on earth, but you must also be prepared to endure some extremely hot weather. From sandals and sun one day, the next may present you with torrential rain and the need for a strong umbrella. Of course, each location in India has a unique climate, so if you already know where you’re going in India, make sure to check the weather there first.


India is the destination for you if you want bustling surroundings and year-round sunshine The cost of living and lodgings are quite reasonable, if not low, so your money will go a long way. There are also countless magnificent landscapes and historic places to discover and explore. So enjoy your new home, fully immerse yourself, and appreciate each piece of the new life and community surrounding you. 

Making Your Move 

There is lots to entice daring expats, thanks to India’s flourishing economy, stunning scenery, and affordable living standards. The Republic of India provides something for everyone, from young families to retirees and students. Contact us today, use our international moving service, and start your new life there tomorrow.

Common Questions 

When you are making an international move to India, you will have many questions. Our team is available to answer any concerns or questions that you may have. Here are a few of the questions that customers have asked us most often.

Is It Expensive To Live In India?

The cost of living in India is pretty reasonable. Like most places, your housing is one of the most expensive expenses that you will have when living there. Most people are able to find reasonable or cheaper options available. 

Is There Diversity In India?

Many people fear feeling out of place when they move to India from the states. The good news is that there is a lot of diversity and cultures to be found in India. You will not feel too out of place when living there. 

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When you are ready to hire a moving company for your international move, call Sea & Air International. We have helped people make this big move many times and would love to help you do the same. Our team looks forward to hearing from you soon. 

Customs Information

Firearms, ammunition, and weapons unless licensed in advance. Obscene literature, photographs, or films. Politically undesirable literature and Narcotics.


Foreign Nationals
Business visas (which have to be supported by a sponsoring corporation) are valid for four months’ stay that can be extended for up to six months. Beyond that, it requires a minimum one-year work permit (again supported by the sponsoring corporation), and applicants should allow a minimum of three months for the process. A valid work permit is essential prior to the arrival of household goods. Foreign nationals must possess a visa valid for one year from the date of last entry to avail of duty concessions under transfer of residence.

Indian Nationals
The owner should have resided out of India for a minimum period of two years preceding his transfer to India and intends to reside in India for a period of at least one year. Short visits to India in the preceding two years are promoted, provided the total duration of stay in India does not exceed six months.

The owner must be physically in India before customs clearance can take place. Air shipments must be shipped within 15 days, and surface shipments must be shipped within one month of the owner’s arrival in India.

All shipments are subject to customs examination, and customs duties will be assessed based on the Customs evaluation.

In general terms under Transfer of Residence, a TV, VCR, washing machine, cooking range, dishwasher, music system, personal computer, air conditioner, refrigerator, deep freezer, microwave oven, video camera, word processing machine, and telefax machine may be imported at a duty of 35% of assessed value providing

That the combined value of these items must not exceed Rs. 150,000 (approx. US$ 4250 at 1997 exchange rates).
There must only be one of each such item in the shipment.
Duplicate items or any sums in excess of Rs. 150,000 attracts 61% duty.
Other household goods, provided they have been in the owner’s possession and use for one year, will be allowed free entry.

Owner’s Passport – The owner must be present in India at the time of customs clearance.
List of articles with values and date of purchase.
Customs Declaration Form signed by the owner.
Original Ocean Bill of lading.
Diplomatic consignment – Duty-free exemption certificate issued by Diplomatic Mission in India.

Making a false or misleading statement to the Authorities is an offense and may involve heavy penalties. Drug trafficking is against the law, and severe penalties apply.

Important: This information is intended for general guidance. Sea & Air International cannot, however, take responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such, it is advisable to contact the nearest Australian customs office for full and current information prior to importation.

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