International Moving From NYC To Iceland

Are you getting ready to move to the chilly country of Iceland? Pack your winter coat, gloves, and hat. You are going to love this country. Don’t let the stress and anxiety of this big move get you down. Sea & Air International can help you every step of the way. 

How Our Services Can Help You

International Moving From NYC To Iceland

Moving services can be a massive help during the heat of the moment. You have to go through so many tasks and steps, and then you add that you are moving internationally; there is a lot to get done. Our team of experienced and trained employees knows how to help you get everything done. 

To help our clients, we offer climate-controlled storage units for any items you are leaving behind. Many international moves are temporary, and people don’t want to lug all their items. Some of the many different documents, records, and more that you will need are:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Vehicle Insurance and Title
  • Vehicle Purchase Invoice
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Pet Vaccination Records
  • Pet Health Documents
  • And So Much More

Iceland Is A Great Place To Live

Iceland is located in Europe. There is a population of around 367,000 residents. This area gets its name from the demographic of its country. It is covered in volcanoes, has hot springs, lava fields, and geysers. 

People often refer to Iceland as the home of fire and ice. That is because of the glaciers, cold weather mixed with the volcanoes and lava fields. Many people love living here because of its outstanding and breathtaking scenery. Sea & Air International has helped many people make their international move to Iceland, and we can help you too. 

Some FAQs

It is always top-priority for us to provide excellent customer service to our customers. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with this big change you are making in your life. That is why we are always here to answer your questions. Here are a few that we hear most often.  

How Many Types Of Forms Are There For Immigration To Iceland?

Depending on the move that you are making and the amount of time you are planning on staying, there are different forms you will need to fill out. A couple examples of them are:

  • D-100- This is a permit for a temporary residence
  • D-107- This is a permit for employment purposes
  • D108- This is a permit for a student 

How Long Does It Take To Obtain Residency In Iceland?

From the time that you submit an application for residency, it can take up to 180 days for it to be processed. If you are wanting to obtain residency, it is a process that takes up to, or more, than 12 months to process. 

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Don’t hesitate any longer. Call Sea & Air International and get the help that you need. We can provide you with a variety of services to help you feel more comfortable with your move to Iceland. We look forward to helping you in the near future. Please contact our office for moves from NY, NJ, and CT to other countries.

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