International Moving From NYC To Greece

Are you moving to Greece? It’s a place that many people long to visit one day. Whether you are moving for work, family, or personal pleasure, you may want to hire help. Sea & Air International has assisted many people on a long-distance move like this. 

Need Our Help Moving International?

International Moving From NYC To Greece

If you have ever moved before, no one has to tell you what an enormous task it is. An international move is an even bigger task, and there are many forms and documents you need before you leave. Some of the many documents required are:

  • A Detailed Copy Of Your Packing List
  • The Original Bill Of Lading
  • Certificate of Repatriation
  • Passport
  • Vehicle Title and Registration
  • Vehicle Ownership Documents
  • ID and Car Insurance
  • Pet Vaccination and Health Certificate
  • And More

To avoid trouble, we will also make sure you know all prohibited and restricted items that you are not allowed to bring with you. We have climate-controlled storage units if this is a temporary move for you. This way, you can ensure that all of your items are safe while you are gone.

Let Our Professionals Move You To Greece 

Greece is a country that is made up of thousands of small islands. It is located in the Balkans and has a population of ten million people. The capital of Greece is Athens, and it is full of amazing structural artifacts. 

One of the many main attractions is the black sands of Santorini. It is a unique and fun place to experience. Sea & Air International can help you make this significant change in your life to this country and other surrounding areas.

Commonly Asked Questions

There are many unknowns to people about moving internationally. You can research and get a lot of the answers you are looking for, or you can call Sea & Air International. We can provide you with any information that you need. Here are a couple of the most commonly asked questions that we get. 

Do You Make Corporate Moves?

Yes, Sea & Air International can help you with these types of moves, whether they are long planned or sudden. We will do everything that we can to get you from point A to point B.

Does Sea & AIr International Offer Storage Units?

Yes, we offer storage units that are climate controlled. That way you can be certain that your belongings are safe and sound until your return. 

Let Us Help

Getting ready for an international move? Call Sea & Air International can help you through all the steps that you need to take. We would love to be the company that you trust with this process. One of our employees can help you make an appointment and give you any additional information you need. We also help others move across seas from NYC, NJ, and Ct.

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