International Moving From NYC To Finland

Does your work have you making an international move to Finland? While this is exciting and fun to plan for, you may find yourself feeling a little stressed. That is all normal, but we can help you avoid that. Sea & Air International has assisted in several international moves, and we know all the proper steps to take. 

International Moving

International Moving From NYC To Finland

Do you know what you need to do or acquire before making an international move? It is important that you are entirely informed about all the steps you need to make before you arrive. The last thing you want is trouble when you arrive because you do not have everything you need. 

Here are a few examples of the items you will need when moving to Finland:

  • Personal Documents- Passport, Inventory List, and Import Declaration
  • Vehicle Documents-Title and Registration
  • Pet Records- Vaccinations and Health Certificate
  • And More

There are also many restricted and prohibited items that we can make sure you are aware of. For items you are leaving behind, we offer climate-controlled storage units. You can rest assured that all of your belongings are safe and secure while you are away. 

Let Us Move You To Finland

Finland is a great country full of activities to do. It is located in Europe, close to Russia, Norway, and Sweden. The fantastic views of the Northern Lights can be viewed from Finland, which is an attraction that brings many people here. 

There are ski resorts, national parks, and museums to experience. The population is more significant than five million residents. Sea & Air International is ready to help you make this exciting new move. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions that you would like to ask us about moving to Finland? Feel free to call us at any time to get answers to the questions that you have. We are always happy to provide answers to our customers’ questions. 

How Do You Get The Items Overseas?

When we pack up your belongings, we will label everything before you load it onto the ship. It will then be shipped and arrive at your new location. 

Does Sea & Air Help With Paperwork?

Someone from our company will provide you with any information that you need. If you have questions about what you need and how to obtain it, you can ask us. 

We Can Help You

Sea & Air International is an international moving company that can help you make a stress-free move. We understand that there is a lot of stress and anxiety that surrounds big moves like this, our goal is to alleviate some of that for you. Call us today to get discuss more information about a move to Finland. For more information about international moves from NYC, NJ, and CT, please call.

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