25 Ways to Save Money on International Moving

Below are 25 ways to make your international move cheaper and simpler:

  1. At Sea & Air International, most of our international moves come to us as repeats or referrals. We are proud of this fact, and strive to perform our services in a way which gives our customers the confidence to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.
  2. If you have a built-in shelving system, leave it that way. No new owner will appreciate holes in the wall where the shelves used to be.
  3. Condense your library as much as possible and then investigate the cost of mailing treasured volumes compared to the cost of moving them. The special postage rate for books may save you money.
  4. Check with Sea & Air International. It might be illegal to bring plants into your new residence. Even if it is possible, it may not be sensible.
  5. If you are determined to take your huge outdoor planters, fill them with miscellaneous items instead of dirt. Same goes with the sandbox. There will be dirt and sand where you’re going.
  6. While one dress or one suit doesn’t weight much, the average full wardrobe carton weighs 75 pounds. So if you’re never going to wear it, don’t move it. Contact your local Goodwill agency and make a donation – there may be tax benefits.
  7. Hundreds of DVDs can make for a heavy box. Go through your DVD collection and eliminate DVDs that youll no longer watch. If the kids are old enough, give them incentive. Let them stage their own garage sale and keep the profits to buy something special — after you’ve moved.
  8. If your treadmill hasn’t gone a mile in months, moving it won’t help. Consider selling weight-lifting equipment and replacing it at your destination. Remember, weight equals cost. Sell any hobby equipment you no longer enjoy.
  9. Frozen foods cannot be shipped, so eat up. Consume canned goods and food staples, and don’t replenish them. Plan menus to make the most of what you have. Be sure to empty your refrigerator completely and clean thoroughly to prevent odor problems.
  10. The workshop is a storehouse of bulky, heavy items. Evaluate them carefully — from the workbench to the tools. It might be advantageous to replace the massive workbench, etc.
  11. Unless they’re valuable, or you’re sure they’ll fit and flatter your new residence, get them out from underfoot.
  12. You will probably come out ahead with your back, your kids and your finances if you replace it rather than move it.
  13. Burn your firewood prior to your move. Sell or give remaining wood to friends or neighbor. Dont move it, especially if your new home doesnt have a fireplace.
  14. A pool table requires special handling. Your best shot might be to sell it and then replace it at your new destination.
  15. Pianos and organs also require special handling and should be tuned after a move. If they’re an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, move them. If they’re just impressive trimming, you might want to trim your moving cost.
  16. Be Scrooge when it comes to special holiday decorations. Don’t move what you can’t or won’t use
  17. You can prevent wiring damage caused by temperature changes by unplugging all electronic items 24 hours before loading and waiting 24 hours at your new residence before plugging them into an outlet. Check to be sure that you have the proper power connections and sources for your appliances in your future residence. Don’t move a gas stove or dryer to an all-electric house.
  18. Start with the contents of your safe deposit box. Carry with you or send by insured or registered mail, small valuables such as jewelry, insurance policies, legal documents, stocks and bonds, etc. Items of such unusual value should not be included in your shipment. The same is true for important computer disks and CDs which can warp and become unreadable.
  19. Be sure to collect all your belongings in club or school lockers and at the cleaners.
  20. Because it’s not just anybody’s furniture — it’s your collection. Trivia or treasures, miscellaneous or heirlooms, your possessions are a part of your personality and lifestyle. They’re what will make your new home uniquely you. A proven, professional mover is your best assurance of a good move.
  21. Newsprint fades and the ink runs easily, possibly ruining the items it was supposed to protect.
  22. Give fragile items “breathing room” to avoid breakage. You can leave clothing in drawers, but remember — overstuffing can cause drawers to warp.
  23. Contact a professional appliance service agent to help with moving or ask your Sea & Air representative to arrange service for you.
  24. Use smaller cartons for books, cast-iron cookware, etc.
  25. Instead of putting them all in one carton, use your linens as fillers to cushion other items.

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