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Worldwide Moving - Vietnam
Weapons, ammunition, radio transmitters, narcotics, drugs, pornographic / subversive materials, satellite dishes, publications mentioning/referring to Vietnam, automobile and motorcycles.
* Shipper must be in possession of a Work Permit in order to import household goods into Vietnam. The only exceptions are General Managers, General Directors, Managing Directors etc. If in doubt, do not ship - check with us first.
* When the shipper first arrives in Vietnam (at the airport), the details of the sea and air shipment should be noted in the "Unaccompanied Baggage" section of the Shipper's Vietnam Arrival / Departure Card. e.g. 1 container of used personal effects / 2 air vans of used personal effects. If the shipper should leave and return to Vietnam, it is necessary to note the details again in the Vietnam Arrival / Departure Card.
* Shipper must be in Vietnam in time of Customs clearance. Customs will require original passport and Vietnam Arrival / Departure Card.
* Allow 2-3 working days for air Customs clearance and 5-7 working days for sea Customs clearance.
* Customs and Cultural officials will inspect all shipments to assess duties and to screen all cultural items.
* Prepare a detailed packing list. DO NOT LABEL "PBO"
* Antiques will be inspected and should be registered upon entry. Shipper should take pictures of all antiques. List as antiques on packing list. Unless registered upon entry, export may be disallowed.
* Pack books, records, music cassettes, laser compact discs, computer software and videotapes into separate cartons. Note the quantity of each "type" upon carton and on the inventory. Computer software, including floppy discs, music discs, tapes and all videotapes are dutiable at 40 % of the customs assessed value.
* Personal clothing is free of duty but furniture will be dutiable at 10% of the customs assessed value.
* For electronics, note the Brand, Model, and Serial Numbers on the packing list. The duty rate for electronic hardware is 40 - 60 % of the customs assessed value.
* Alcohol (all types) is dutiable: 150-250 % of the customs assessed value.
Videos, CD's are screened for contents. Cost: Appx $0.50 ea. All written material is screened for contents. Undesirable material, "James Bond" films, for example, will be confiscated!
Sea & Air International is licensed by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission)
Sea & Air International is a registered member of the IAM (International Association of Movers)
AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) on Sea & Air International Official Website Moving & Storage New York Worldwide Relocation
British American Business on Sea & Air International Official Website Moving & Storage New York Worldwide Relocation
BAR (International Associate of the British Association of Removals) on Sea & Air International Official Website Moving & Storage New York Worldwide Relocation
Sea & Air International, headquartered in New York, is in the business of packing, storing, moving and unpacking peoples belongings and we try our best to assure we are the first choice international mover for individuals, families and corporations. We set this high standard by having designed specialized international mover solutions with an outstanding track record of success. You will not find a more detailed and professional international moving company in New York or around the world to best manage your upcoming international relocation. Sea & Air International not only moves household goods, we also handle corporate relocations and international shipments, as well as, logistics and hospitality needs. Our unparalleled commitment to quality and service has come to represent the Sea & Air International Advantage. We do more than move your belongings...we move your life. Weve proven time and again that trust is essential to a successful moving experience. Sea & Air International takes complete responsibility for your shipment from the time we pick it up until we deliver it and complete your international move. We will perform a free survey of your shipment to determine your requirements. We will pack and prepare everything in your residence to be shipped, transport it to the port of departure, containerize your shipment, load it onto an ocean vessel to your destination, clear your shipment through customs, deliver it to your residence at destination, unpack it and remove the debris. We recognize not all international moving companies are the same. We believe each international move is different and has its own specific requirements. We are sensitive to, and look for those special requirements to be sure that your needs are fully understood and that we are prepared to provide the services required to assure your international move is seamless. You will be assigned a Sea & Air representative to oversee your move, who will keep you informed every step of the way. As a notable international mover, Sea & Air International has the benefit of decades of experience in international moving and shipping. You get unsurpassed knowledge from our team, each of whom is dedicated to treating your overseas move and your shipment as if it were her own.
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